Social Media Marketing Plan & Strategy Consultation
Social Media Marketing Plan & Strategy Consultation

Due to the Coronavirus lockdowns. Many people will be home on the internet. This is the perfect time to map out your businesses social marketing plan and strategy to take advantage of the idle time many consumers will have.


Are you tired of posting new content for 40 followers or subscribers?

The key to building a Fan-mily is going to where they are. Hire Business Behind the Band to help you build the right digital advertising plan and strategy. With your advertising budget, Business Behind the Band will teach you how to allocate your dollars and set up the right ads.


The Business Behind the Band Fee does not include the buyers advertising budget. All buyers must have a budget and articulate that budget to Business Behind the Band.

Business Behind the Band will contact you within 3 hours via email and by phone  to coordinate the best time to schedule planning.

After review of your products, we will discuss

2-Hour Session

Content Ideas and Strategy

Sales Strategies

Advertising Plan and Strategies


Once this service is purchased you will get an email to schedule your FaceTime or Conference Call or In person Session